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FAAC 1.28 x86

Добавлен: 20.09.2009 19:29
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Freeware Advanced Audio Coder
FAAC 1.28

Usage: faac [options] infiles ...
  -q <quality>    Set quantizer quality.
  -b <bitrate>    Set average bitrate to x kbps. (ABR, lower quality mode)
  -c <freq>       Set the bandwidth in Hz. (default=automatic)
  -o X          Set output file to X (only for one input file)
  -r            Use RAW AAC output file.
  -P            Raw PCM input mode (default 44100Hz 16bit stereo).
  -R            Raw PCM input rate.
  -B            Raw PCM input sample size (8, 16 (default), 24 or 32bits).
  -C            Raw PCM input channels.
  -X            Raw PCM swap input bytes
  -I <C,LF>       Input channel config, default is 3,4 (Center third, LF fourth)

MP4 specific options:
  -w            Wrap AAC data in MP4 container. (default for *.mp4 and *.m4a)
  -s            Optimize MP4 container layout after encoding
  --artist X    Set artist to X
  --writer X    Set writer to X
  --title X     Set title to X
  --genre X     Set genre to X
  --album X     Set album to X
  --compilation Set compilation
  --track X     Set track to X (number/total)
  --disc X      Set disc to X (number/total)
  --year X      Set year to X
  --cover-art X Read cover art from file X
  --comment X   Set comment to X

  --license     Show the FAAC license.
  --help        Show this abbreviated help.
  --long-help   Show complete help.

  More tips can be found in the audiocoding.com Knowledge Base at
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